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 "Bits & Piano Pieces"

So here I am age 11, at my grandmother's apartment in New York. Queens to be exact. You can see how I was desperately trying not to play with"pancake hands". Somehow, I managed to escape the rigorous and to me, tedious scales (much to my mothers's discontent); but I eventually found my niche because I played by ear. I 've never lost my love of the piano, my passion for dancing, or the desire to develop a character within the mystery of a spotlight........

Countless hours of trying to compose a melody,
and then a misguided reach of my arm, 
and my fingers fell on what would become the verse 
and chorus.
And then in their own time, the lyrics followed......  
       I'm partial to writing musical comedy material, but the 
       creative flow sometimes leads me to composing 
       ballads when I least expect it. 
        - Singing-Dancing-Composing-Creating -
        Thank you for taking this  journey to my site.